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Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating contractors in Jenkintown, PA. Estimates are provided without charge. We are Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating professionals with excellent reputation providing Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating services according to industry standards in Jenkintown. Prices that are reasonable. Excellent craftsmanship. All of our Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating work is backed by a long-term guarantee.


Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating Services in Jenkintown, Montgomery County Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating Jenkintown.Jenkintown Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating Contractors Services Jenkintown Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating

Jenkintown, Montgomery County Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating Contractors

Crack Sealing

Are you noticing cracks appearing on your asphalt? Those cracks can cause a lot of damage and even compromise your entire surface. They allow water and other contaminants into the pavement, which lead to further deterioration. If left unaddressed, these cracks will only get worse with time. Don’t let this happen to you! Call Go Direct Paving & Concrete today for crack sealing services that will help keep your property looking its best year-round!Trust us when we say it’s better to address these issues sooner rather than later. We offer crack sealing services designed to prevent further cracking while ensuring all existing cracks are filled in and sealed efficiently so water doesn’t seep through them any longer.We use only premium quality materials and industry best practices, so you can rest assured that your pavement is in good hands. Our team has been providing exceptional customer service for many years, and we would love to serve you too!

Jenkintown, PA Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating Contractors

Why Avail Our Crack Sealing Services?

  • We provide top-quality service.
  • We offer competitive rates.
  • We use hot, rubberized sealant to seal cracks so they don’t get bigger.
  • We always put our customers first.

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Are you looking for a company that can restore your asphalt surfaces? Go Direct Paving & Concrete offers surface milling services that can repair and restore the surface of your asphalt. We have experienced specialists who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.Our surface milling process involves removing the top layer of asphalt, which can include cracks and potholes, and then replacing it with new material and re-compacting it with a machine called a milling machine. This restores the smoothness and flatness of your existing pavement. It also removes any cracks or potholes that may have developed over time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Eco-Friendly Practices

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using recycled materials whenever possible and employing green manufacturing practices. We produce recycled asphalt millings to conserve natural resources and energy.

  • Clean & Safe Work Area

We know that you care about visitors to your property and the people in your community. That’s why we pride ourselves on keeping a clean, safe work area, so no one has to worry while our team is working for you!

  • Curb and Gutter Services

Our curb and gutter repair services are perfect for property owners who want to avoid trapped or sitting water in their concrete. Our team will mill the edges of your existing surface below the level on which it sits by installing a new layer on top, so there’s no difference between them!Call Go Direct Paving & Concrete now for efficient surface milling services!

Seal Coating

Asphalt is a porous material that requires regular maintenance and repair. Without regular sealcoating, your asphalt will slowly but surely deteriorate, resulting in costly repairs to the underlying surface.Sealcoating your asphalt is an essential step towards preserving its longevity and appearance. Sealcoating helps protect against moisture penetration, UV radiation damage from the sun’s rays, and other factors that can cause deterioration of the pavement’s surface. That’s why Go Direct Paving & Concrete offers sealcoating services.Our seasoned professionals will take care of everything for you, from start to finish. You can count on us to deliver beautiful, long-lasting sealcoating that will keep your pavement looking great for years to come.

Our Standard Sealcoating Process

  • The first step is preparing the surface. This involves removing any debris or loose material.
  • We then identify any areas that need repair or patching.
  • The next step is cleaning the surface using the best equipment and materials.
  • Once the surface is prepared and clean, we apply the sealant.

Our process is reliable and efficient, and it will keep your pavement looking great for years to come.Learn more about our services or schedule a free estimate!
We strive to give 100 percent client satisfaction and consider ourselves a leader in Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating services in Jenkintown. Talk to the number 1 Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating contractors Jenkintown, Montgomery County, PA.

Preserving Pavements: Seal Coating Contractors in Jenkintown – Professional Crack Sealing and Milling Contractors by “Go Direct Paving”


In the bustling town of Jenkintown, where well-maintained pavements contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the community, the role of seal coating contractors is paramount. Enter “Go Direct Paving,” the epitome of professionalism and excellence in seal coating, crack sealing, and milling services. Join us as we delve into the world of pavement preservation in Jenkintown and explore the exceptional services provided by “Go Direct Paving.”

Guardians of Pavement Integrity: The Importance of Seal Coating

Seal coating is a vital aspect of pavement maintenance that goes beyond aesthetics. It serves as a protective layer, shielding pavements from the detrimental effects of weather, traffic, and environmental elements. In Jenkintown, where the community values both form and function, “Go Direct Paving” emerges as the trusted partner for preserving pavements through expert seal coating.

Seal Coating Contractors in Jenkintown: Safeguarding Pavement Longevity

**1. The Art of Seal Coating

Seal coating is more than just applying a protective layer; it’s an art that requires precision and expertise. “Go Direct Paving” excels in the art of seal coating, ensuring that each pavement in Jenkintown receives a uniform and durable protective finish. The company’s skilled contractors employ advanced techniques to achieve a smooth and resilient surface that stands the test of time.

**2. Customized Solutions for Pavement Preservation

Recognizing that each pavement in Jenkintown has unique characteristics and requirements, “Go Direct Paving” offers customized seal coating solutions. Whether it’s a residential driveway, a commercial parking lot, or municipal roads, the company tailors its services to address the specific needs of each pavement, enhancing both its longevity and visual appeal.

**3. UV Protection and Environmental Shielding

The seal coating applied by “Go Direct Paving” acts as a shield against the harmful effects of UV radiation and environmental elements. The UV protection ensures that pavements in Jenkintown retain their color and resist fading, while the environmental shielding guards against oil spills, chemicals, and water penetration. The result is pavements that not only look pristine but also withstand the challenges of the ever-changing weather.

Crack Sealing and Milling: Precision in Pavement Maintenance

**1. Crack Sealing for Structural Integrity

Cracks in pavements can be a precursor to more significant issues if left unaddressed. “Go Direct Paving” understands the importance of crack sealing in preserving the structural integrity of pavements. The company’s experts in Jenkintown employ advanced techniques to seal cracks effectively, preventing moisture ingress and halting the progression of damage.

**2. Milling for Surface Renewal

Milling is a key component of pavement maintenance that involves removing a portion of the pavement’s surface. “Go Direct Paving” utilizes milling as a strategic approach to renew surfaces in Jenkintown. The process is particularly beneficial for addressing uneven surfaces, ruts, and minor depressions, ensuring that the pavement is not just sealed but renewed for optimal performance.

**3. The Synergy of Seal Coating, Crack Sealing, and Milling

“Go Direct Paving” recognizes that the synergy of seal coating, crack sealing, and milling is crucial for comprehensive pavement preservation. The company integrates these services seamlessly, addressing both surface-level and structural issues to provide pavements in Jenkintown with holistic care. The result is pavements that not only look rejuvenated but also enjoy extended longevity.

The Process of Pavement Preservation: A Detailed Overview

**1. Initial Pavement Assessment

“Go Direct Paving” begins the pavement preservation process with a thorough assessment of the pavement’s condition in Jenkintown. This includes evaluating existing damage, surface irregularities, and any specific challenges presented by the environment. The initial assessment guides the development of a tailored preservation plan.

**2. Surface Preparation for Seal Coating

Before seal coating, proper surface preparation is essential. The team at “Go Direct Paving” ensures that pavements in Jenkintown are thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, repaired. This preparation creates an optimal foundation for the application of seal coating, maximizing its effectiveness.

**3. Precision Application of Seal Coating

The application of seal coating is a critical step in the preservation process. “Go Direct Paving” employs precision application techniques to ensure an even and thorough coating. The company utilizes high-quality sealants that not only protect the pavement but also enhance its visual appeal, contributing to the overall aesthetics of Jenkintown.

**4. Crack Sealing for Structural Preservation

Crack sealing is strategically performed to address existing cracks and prevent the formation of new ones. The skilled contractors at “Go Direct Paving” use specialized materials that adhere to the highest industry standards. This meticulous approach ensures that the structural integrity of pavements in Jenkintown is preserved for years to come.

**5. Strategic Milling for Surface Renewal

Milling is employed strategically to renew the pavement surface. “Go Direct Paving” utilizes advanced milling equipment operated by skilled technicians. The process is executed with precision, removing imperfections and creating a smooth, level surface. The result is a pavement in Jenkintown that not only looks refreshed but also functions optimally.

**6. Final Inspection and Quality Assurance

A final inspection is conducted to ensure that the preservation process meets the highest standards. “Go Direct Paving” prioritizes quality assurance, and the company’s experts in Jenkintown conduct thorough checks to verify that seal coating, crack sealing, and milling have been executed with precision. This commitment to quality sets the stage for pavements that stand resilient against the tests of time and use.

Expertise in Action: Seal Coating Contractors in Jenkintown by “Go Direct Paving”

**1. Tailoring Preservation Plans for Different Pavements

Recognizing that different pavements have distinct requirements, “Go Direct Paving” tailors preservation plans to suit the characteristics of each surface in Jenkintown. Whether it’s a residential driveway, a commercial parking lot, or municipal roads, the company’s approach is customized for optimal results.

**2. Timely Maintenance for Pavement Longevity

“Go Direct Paving” emphasizes the importance of timely maintenance in preserving pavements. The company’s scheduled maintenance plans in Jenkintown ensure that seal coating, crack sealing, and milling are performed at intervals that align with the specific needs of each pavement. Timely intervention contributes to the longevity of pavements and minimizes the risk of extensive damage.

**3. Transparent Communication with Clients

Transparent communication is a core value in “Go Direct Paving’s” approach to pavement preservation. Clients in Jenkintown are kept informed at every stage of the preservation process, from the initial assessment to the final inspection. Clear communication ensures that clients understand the benefits of each service and the impact on the longevity and aesthetics of their pavements.

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We will discuss all aspects of your Crack Sealing, Milling, Seal Coating project over the phone or when we come out and examine your property in Jenkintown.

Reviews from Customers

They went above and beyond

April 30, 2022

My driveway was repaired and replaced beautifully by Go Direct. The troublesome parts and built-up areas that had trouble holding water were appropriately removed. They also renovated my entire driveway’s water drainage system. They went above and beyond to ensure that the driveway would last and that water would be properly drained. My driveway was installed just before a major heat wave, and they were quick to listen to my worries and properly advise me on how to battle the situation so that my road would dry quickly. They’ve also promised to assist me with any issues that arise after my driveway has been paved. This company genuinely cares about its work, and it goes out of its way to ensure that the consumer is heard and valued. This firm is one that I would strongly suggest to my friends. Indeed, I’ve already had neighbors approach me and inquire about it.

Oliver Jones

Seal Coating Contractors in Jenkintown - Professional Crack Sealing and Milling Contractors

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