Seal Coating Driveways Bella Vista/Queen Village

Seal Coating for Driveways by Go Direct Paving in Bella Vista/Queen Village

Paving and Seal Coating Contractorin Bella Vista/Queen Village

Go Direct Paving offers high-quality seal coating solutions for driveways in Philadelphia. This service is vital in maintaining and prolonging the life of your driveway. It helps to protect your driveway from the damage caused by weather, oil spills, and various damaging elements. In this article, we shall cover the different aspects of the seal coating driveways services provided by Go Direct Paving.

Importance of Seal Coating Your Driveway in Bella Vista/Queen Village

Seal Coating Driveways Bella Vista/Queen VillageSeal coating is the process of applying a protective coating to a driveway’s surface. It is vital in maintaining your driveway’s appearance and extending its durability. Seal coating helps to protect the asphalt from damaging UV rays, water, and oil spills. These factors can penetrate the asphalt, leading to cracks and other forms of damage. A damaged driveway can be unsightly, hazardous, and costly to repair. Therefore, seal coating is a cost-effective solution that ensures your driveway stays in great condition for many years.


Before applying the seal coat, Go Direct Paving will completely wash and prepare the surface of your driveway. They will get rid of any dirt, debris, and oil stains to ensure that the sealant adheres properly to the surface. Go Direct Paving utilizes high-pressure washing equipment to eliminate any dirt and stains that can’t be removed by hand. They will also fill any cracks or potholes to ensure the surface is even.

Coating ApplicationOf Your Driveway in Bella Vista/Queen Village

Seal Coating Driveways Bella Vista/Queen VillageFollowing the preparatory work, Go Direct Paving will apply the sealant to your driveway. The sealant is a specially formulated mixture of asphalt emulsion, water, mineral fillers, and additional additives. Go Direct Paving uses high-quality sealant that will protect your driveway from the elements and give it a smooth finish. They will use professional equipment to apply the sealant evenly, making sure that every part of your driveway is covered.

Drying Time

After the sealant has been applied, it needs time to dry. The drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment. Go Direct Paving will advise you on when it is safe to use your driveway again. In the majority of cases, it takes about 24 to 48 hours for the sealant to dry completely. In the meantime, you should avoid parking or driving on the driveway.

Maintenance For Your Driveway in Bella Vista/Queen Village

Seal Coating Driveways Bella Vista/Queen VillageAfter the seal coating has been applied, Go Direct Paving will notify you on how to maintain your driveway to ensure it endures for many years. They may suggest avoiding using sharp objects on the surface, not parking heavy equipment, or not spilling chemicals on the surface. Regular cleaning of the driveway is also crucial to remove any dirt or debris that may accumulate over time.

Get In Touch

In conclusion, seal coating is a vital part of maintaining your driveway. Go Direct Paving provides excellent seal coating services that will help protect your driveway from the elements and prolong its lifespan. They have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to get the job done right. If you’re in need of a reliable seal coating contractor in Philadelphia, look no further than. Get in touch with us today to schedule your seal coating service.

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